On the 1st of September, the inaugural day of the Foundation I Expedition began, commencing its significant scientific endeavour. The diverse team, consisting of scientific experts, journalists, naturalists, a film crew, the Pro-Crew, and the Ocean Warrior Crew, congregated at Longyear Port, ready to embark on the ambitious mission led by Jim McNeill, the visionary man responsible for this remarkable initiative. The first day commenced with an introduction by Jim, himself an experienced adventurer who has previously navigated various notorious terrains across the world; his commentary and instructions set the tone for the expedition - exciting, courageous, important. Later, Captain Rasmus took centre stage, delivering a safety briefing that emphasised the paramount importance of preparedness and safety measures, a crucial aspect of our journey into uncharted waters.

Jim, despite his wealth of experience, confessed to feeling somewhat out of his comfort zone. The voyage aboard Ocean Warrior, the second vessel in the Global Warrior Project series, presented an entirely novel challenge. The vessel itself, the sailing vessel Linden (SV Linden), commanded attention with her imposing presence. Her three towering masts reached nearly 50 metres into the sky, painted white with a copper-bottomed hull. SV Linden expertly combined functionality with comfort, offering amenities reminiscent of home. The crew's initial task was to become acquainted with the vessel, which they powered westward. As the journey progressed into open waters, the vessel's motion became increasingly perceptible. The nagging question on everyone's mind was whether seasickness would be a factor in this challenging environment.

After four hours of navigation, Captain Rasmus wisely decided to seek refuge for the evening at Trygghamna. The sheltered bay offered a respite from the sea's motion and was surrounded by imposing mountains. The Pro-Crew demonstrated their expertise by anchoring the vessel securely. The day concluded with a comprehensive team briefing, and individual introductions. Surrounded by the sounds of the sea and the Arctic wilderness, we all lay in anticipation of what was to come and in complete awe of the situation we were lucky enough to find ourselves in.