Nearly 60 years have passed since Henri Strzelecki set out on his journey to create the world’s best waterproof clothing. A visionary with a dream, Henri created world firsts within technical clothing, from seam taping garments to ensure they were fully waterproof to the invention of the nylon zip. A lot has happened since then but one thing that has stayed constant is our relentless desire to keep moving forward.


We are committed to creating responsibly built, high quality, timeless products that will support anyone, anywhere in their own adventure— from commuting to work in the city through to sailing the southern ocean, whatever your pursuit or exploration is, on the water, by the coast or on the land, we enable you to love any weather.

Our commitment to responsibility

No matter where you live, we only have one world to care for. We are striving for sustainability in everything we do, and are dedicated to doing things as responsibly as possible. We believe that creating quality clothing, that lasts is arguably the best thing we can do to minimise our impact on the environment and will always encourage you to buy less but buy better.

We have a number of commitments to ensure we are operating as responsibly and sustainably as possible.


- Over 95% of our new products are recycled, organic or zero waste


We offer a repair service, to give your favourite jacket a new lease of life.


- We are developing an end-of-life programme, allowing for sustainable disposal of garments coming to the end of their life

If you have a few minutes to spare, please read our full sustainability report.

Quality and Performance, From us to you

How many apparel brands own their own factories? Well, we believe in going our own way, in not being afraid to swim against the tide and always staying authentic. We wholly own our European Manufacturing centre in Poland, which produces our range of waterproof jackets, technical sailing gear and technical knitwear.

amazing heritage, for the future

We are proud of our British heritage and our commitment to sailing and doing what we can to safeguard our oceans. For over 6 decades we have been the clothing choice for many of the greatest pioneers, explorers and sailors. From Sir Robin-Knox Johnston and Sir Francis Chichester to the world’s most successful Olympic sailor, Sir Ben Ainslie, our products have sailed the globe and been on top of podiums and mountains.

Our aim for the future is to keep striving forwards, just like Mr Henri did in the 60’s and to allow you to enjoy any setting, on water and on land. So come rain, sun, wind or snow we will be with you no matter the conditions, so you can love any weather.