We have our own factory because we want to build a better supply chain. We are passionate about the production process, the people involved and simply creating world class quality functional products. By basing ourselves in central Europe close to the majority of our customers it helps us meet our sustainability goals, by reducing shipping and just as importantly avoiding the waste of over-production.


Factory name: Henri-Lloyd Manufacturing

Location: Poland

Founder: Henri Strzelecki

Number of employees: 100 ( Jan '24 )


Based in Brodnica, Northern Poland the factory is in the birth town of our founder Henri Strzelecki which he established as a way of helping the people of the town post the fall of the soviet empire. The factory soon became the epicentre of Henri-Lloyd’s technical clothing production, specialising in highly functional Ocean, Offshore and Racing kit that has been seen in elite sporting events such as America’s Cup, Volvo Round the World Races and even Formula One.


The oceans and environment have always played a part in what we do, and we are striving towards a sustainable future for the brand. We’re dedicated towards making the right decisions to lessen our impact on the world and at it’s heart is the belief in producing timeless, quality products in our own European Production Centre that last and become part of your life’s journey.


Working with ethical factories is a hygiene factor for Henri-Lloyd. Owning our own factory ensures strong personal relationships with our co-workers enabling excellent and fair working conditions for all of our colleagues.


We design and build innovative technical clothing to protect sailors, explorers and pioneers from the world’s most extreme weather. We have the confidence to deliver world class quality standards.