We recognise that Striving for Sustainability is a central and ongoing mission for our team. There is no alternative for any business but to urgently follow this path and at Henri-Lloyd it is our mission to bring this to life in all of our activities. Our approach is to be transparent, honest and never to over-claim. We ask questions of our supply chain and we encourage you, our customers, to ask questions of us.

We are passionate in our belief that producing high quality products that last and are styled in such a way that they can be worn for a long time is one of the best things that we can do to minimise our impact. A major step in our drive for sustainability has been to make the decision that the majority of our products will be produced in Europe, here we reduce layers of shipping and importantly we avoid over production.

For those of you who know our brand, you will know that the Oceans are central to our very DNA. Our Oceans are under stress through man-made activities and it is our mission to not only protect them but also to actively engage in projects that will clean and repair the damage that is being done. As you follow us, you will see the range of “Blue” activities throughout the year that we support.


• All new products will meet our sustainability and quality guidelines

• Buy less, buy better – great quality, timeless design products that, when possible, are designed to be repaired. *80% of the carbon footprint of a product is in its manufacture, simply put the longer you use a product, the less of an impact it has on the planet.

• For our new product we select recycled, recyclable, organic or bio-degradable fabrics that meet our quality standards.

• Our ‘no more middleman’ business model allows us to make better choices for the environment. Because we aren't stuck in the ‘traditional retail model’ where retailer margins force manufacturers to compromise, we can select fabrics and factories that allow us to deliver on our sustainability goals. At the same time, because we deliver direct to you and not via a retailer, we remove one layer of additional shipping.

• We are moving more and more production to Europe. This means we make our products in high quality work environments, whilst reducing our shipping and making smaller quantities, thus reducing over production.

• No collections – we no longer produce seasonal collections that drive waste and over production. The majority of our ranges are evergreen products, which mean we don’t have seasonal sales and clearance events just to make way for the ‘next collection’.

• The clothing industry is known for the amount of waste it produces. By removing the false narrative around the constant need to change your wardrobe beyond wear & tear we can all have a tremendous impact.

• We believe in multi-function – we believe you don’t need a different jacket, mid layer or base layer for every outdoor activity. By buying good quality multi-function kit, it is another way to actively reduce your impact on the environment.

• Honesty and transparency – we never want to over-claim. Everything we do in business has some sort of impact. Our job is to relentlessly find a better way, that is our pledge.