Henri-Lloyd x Sea Shepherd

Henri-Lloyd support Sea Shepherd Ghostnet Campaign through Blue Friday activity

Whilst many retailers were dropping their prices during Black Friday 2021, Henri-Lloyd did the complete opposite and turned Black Friday ‘Blue’. Encouraging customers to only buy what they needed and donating 20% of profits from the week towards Sea Shepherd UK’s Operation Ghostnet Campaign.

The proceeds from this innovated partnership between one of the most reputable labels in outdoor clothing and Sea Shepherd UK has resulted in an invaluable contribution towards the costs of accommodation and fuel for Sea Shepherd UK’s volunteer crews to run their Marine Debris and Ghostnet campaigns in 2022. Enabling more discarded fishing gear and debris from coastal areas around the UK to be collected.

Quote from Sea Shepherd –

“We are delighted to have teamed up with Henri-Lloyd. Our work to defend, conserve, and protect the ocean goes hand-in-hand with Henri-Lloyds’ sustainability values while enabling people to embrace the elements in the best clothing. With over 300 Sea Shepherd volunteers around the UK helping on beach cleans and our highly skilled diving crew regularly giving up their time to collect discarded nets, krill and lobster pots, we are a force for nature. Thanks to all at Henri-Lloyd for their support”.

Quote from Henri-Lloyd –

“It’s been great working alongside the team at Sea Shepherd UK in supporting this campaign. The oceans are central to our brand and have been since 1963, so keeping the seas we sail healthy and protected is vital. Thank you to all who helped towards turning Black Friday Blue.” - Dan Williams, Brand Director.

Founded by Henri Strzelecki and his business partner Angus Lloyd in 1963, Henri-Lloyd design and build innovative sailing clothing to protect sailors and adventurers from the most extreme weather.

Henri-Lloyd sells direct to customers through their own channels, which allows the brand to focus on delivering on its sustainability promises. By eliminating inflated retail prices that come with selling through wholesale, Henri-Lloyd is able to offer higher quality products at fair and affordable prices, so that quality investment pieces are available to all.

Contact: Annie Whittaker, Marketing Executive annie.whittaker@henrilloyd.com