We are proud to introduce our new ambassador and pioneer of sustainably sourced British seafood, Mitch Tonks. Founder and CEO of seafood restaurant group, Rockfish, Co-Founder of the Devon Environment Foundation and UK Ambassador for the Marine Stewardship Council, Mitch shares a mutual passion for preserving our oceans.

Fishmonger, chef, restauranteur, entrepreneur, Mitch is an advocate for responsibly sourcing the fish we eat, and protecting the seas and environments we fish in, whilst campaigning to raise the profile for British seafood and sustainable fishing practices.

Mitch’s passion for seafood began as a young child peeling shrimps and preparing them for sandwiches for himself and his grandmother in Weston-super-Mare. Since these early days, Mitch has travelled the world for inspiration and culinary adventures, but has always returned to the coastline of the South West of England.

Mitch believes our seafood is the best in the world, and his mission is simple: to encourage people to buy British seafood in the UK - which in turn reduces imports and waste, thus protecting our seas.

Sustainability is paramount to Mitch’s vision, which is made clear by the work he does in the name of protecting and respecting the environment. In 2020 he co-founded the Devon Environment Foundation, and in that short time over £200,000 has been raised and funded grassroots social enterprises. He has funded and championed a “Brixham Litter free sea project”, an innovative programme pioneering sea booms large scale sea bin sculptures in Brixham to remove plastics under the stewardship of Rockfish employees.

Achievements and testaments:

Nigella Lawson, said in 2021 - Mitch Tonks is pretty much Mr Seafood in the UK.

Tonks' consideration of how to best preserve our oceans should be emulated by any restaurateur worth their weight in (sea) salt - The Caterer

National Restaurant Awards - Seahorse in top 100 UK Restaurants for 10 years