Henri-Lloyd x Eytys

Today we are excited to announce the launch of our new collaboration with Swedish brand Eytys. Founded in 2013 by a group of friends in Stockholm, Eytys products are built on a philosophy of no-fuss, straightforward and functional design. For the past 12 months we have worked closely with the brand to develop a Limited Edition ‘Consort Hybrid’ Jacket, based on our original Consort Jacket, designed by Mr Henri in 1965.

The Consort Hybrid Jacket

Made in our own European Factory and available exclusively on eytys.com, this new collaboration stays close to our original design with a slight twist. This reissued classic has been re-designed to an oversize fit and features a removeable hood, corduroy collar, quilted sleeves with inspiration taken from the internal of the jacket and signature embroideries and reflectors. You may also notice the logo used is from the Henri-Lloyd collections of the 80’s and 90’s. A true throw back, we are positive these pieces won’t be around for long.

The History of the Consort

Scroll down to view how our Consort jacket circumnavigated the world and was picked up by the iconic Italian sub-culture known as the Paninari.


Henri Strzelecki, a decorated soldier from the Polish Free Army, establishes Henri-Lloyd in Manchester, UK. Mr Henri created the template for all modern foul weather gear, by engineering garments from waterproof Bri-Nylon and hand-taping the seams.


Mr Henri designs the Consort Jacket, a jacket that had all the performance integrity but one that could also be worn in colder conditions in everyday life. It was this jacket that was picked up by legendary Pioneer Sir Francis Chichester.


Sir Francis Chichester becomes the first person to sail single-handedley around the world, whilst wearing the Consort Jacket. Sir Francis famously chose the Consort Jacket in Rifle Green, which was notoriously an unlucky colour for sailing, due to it being hard to spot against the colour of the sea. Ever concerned about the safety of his customers he was challenged by Henri about his choice of colour, a typically pragmatic Chichester responded: “Well, who would be there to see me if I did fall in?”


Sir Robin Knox-Johnston becomes the first person to sail single-handed around the world non stop, wearing the Henri-Lloyd Consort Jacket.


Then the story of the Consort takes an unpredictable twist and the future of the Henri-Lloyd brand was to change forever. This twist in fate was to happen when the iconic Italian sub-culture known as the Paninari (this literally means sandwich eaters after their love of gathering around Milan’s eating houses) were famous for their ‘sporty neoliberalist Americana’ look. The Paninari are revered for their embrace of international brands such as Levi Strauss & Co., Timberland LLC, Moncler, Best Company and of course, Henri-Lloyd. The Paninari’s incorporation of the Consort jacket to their brand specific ‘uniform’, catapulted Henri-Lloyd into mainstream consciousness, and cemented the brand as part of the global elite.


The jacket was transformed by legendary Best Company designer Olmes Carretti, who made a number of significant changes without losing the DNA of the product. Changes such as a deeper raglan armhole, corduroy trim to the collar, new pockets, the addition of the Round the World Race sleeve badge (NB The meaning of the numbers has been lost to history) and most importantly the amazing use of colour and their unlikely combinations.


The Consort jacket continues to be Henri-Lloyd's best selling and most iconic jacket to date. Available online in a number of different fabrics with new concepts in the pipeline, the Consort is without doubt here to stay and very much a part of Henri-Lloyd's DNA.