Engineered with our signature 3-layer DRI PRO Fabric, and designed specifically with offshore sailing in mind, it has unparalleled performance and durability to provide the utmost comfort, protection, and functionality for all-day, year-round offshore sailing adventures.


Offshore sailing requires an outer layer that is highly weatherproof. A good quality and protective outer layer not only shields you from the elements but also ensures visibility, keeping you safe in all conditions. Our Elite Jackets, smocks and salopettes are designed for all-day year-round offshore sailing. Developed in conjunction with the world’s elite sailing professionals to deliver unrivalled performance. 


As temperatures drop, comfortable, high-performing mid-layers are a sailing essential. Crafted to provide warmth, protection, and lightweight comfort, these packable pieces are a must-have in your kit bag, readily available when needed. Opt for our SMART THERM or AKTIV range for efficient packable insulation.


Engineered with moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties, an effective base layer's primary function is to ensure your comfort by keeping you dry. Our DRI FAST range is perfect for this function, being comfortable, quick drying with added UV protection, it is designed to perform for long days in the sun on or off shore. It can be used as a single layer on warmer, active days, or as a base layer to combine with a complete layering system.  For a warmer option, look to our NTS AKTIV range, developed by the World’s leading base layer manufacturer and engineered for the first layer for warmth and protection.