“Re-designing a jacket that was so iconic and originally designed by Massimo Goggi was a privilege and a great challenge. The Black Label collection of the 90’s was a pinnacle moment for our brand, and I was determined to create a product that would stand out on a global scale.”

- MATTEO ALFIERI Henri-Lloyd, Director of Experimental Design


Our recent photoshoot took us to the awe-inspiring ice caves of Mer De Glace in Chamonix, where nature's transformations are on full display. The Mer de Glace, a captivating glacier, is undergoing a metamorphosis driven by climate shifts. Remarkably, it's currently melting at a rate of about 40 meters annually, and over the past two decades, it has undergone a transformation of losing 80 meters in depth. These shifts serve as a vivid reminder of the ever-evolving nature of the world around us.


Introducing our limited edition Forth Jacket, re-imagined from our iconic 1990's Black Label collection to commemorate our 60th Anniversary, this jacket is the perfect fusion of timeless sophistication and progressive sportswear.


Our quest to push the boundaries of performance has enabled pioneers to explore the farthest reaches of our planet. From navigating uncharted crevasse fields in Antarctica to conquering the unforgiving landscapes of the North West Passage and braving the unpredictable perils of the Arctic Ocean, we relentlessly push the limits to ensure our products deliver flawless functionality.