For every pair of Henri-Lloyd x LØCI made, 20 plastic bottles are removed from our oceans.

  • Bamboo Lining
    Bamboo and recycled nylon is used for the lining of our sneakers. A natural material that is light & breathable through summer, while keeping you warm in the winter.
  • 100% Natural Rubber
    The soles of the sneakers are made from 100% natural rubber, a renewable resource that comes from tapping plants. The rubber soles are flexible and comfortable from the very first wear.
  • Recycled Brass
    Recycled brass is used for the eyelets, which can be recycled many times without diminishing the composition so the recycling process can continue, making it highly sustainable.

Tread Lighter

LØCI make great footwear that greatly reduces harm to animals or the planet. Each pair is entirely made from sustainable vegan materials and 100% recycled plastics. In the US alone, almost 70% of footwear uses some form of animal product in their manufacture. LØCI guarantee that their products are totally animal free, from the sneaker to the packaging, giving you ultimate peace of mind.