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Consort- the OriginalsIn 1965 the founder of Henri-Lloyd, Henri Strzelecki designed the legendary Consort Jacket, a product that was to become the brand’s icon. Over five decades later the jacket lives on and to celebrate the return of Henri-Lloyd back into the market we are launching over the next 6 weeks, 6 Limited Edition jackets based upon contemporary interpretations of the Consort concept. We hope you love these as much as we do.
#3 Consort Limo Coat The third of our limited edition series of Consort jackets is here! The Consort Limo Coat is the perfect layering piece for colder days and was recently put to test in the Frostbite Challenge- to read more about this check out our stories section.
#2 Consort ECO SpindyeTogether with with the market leader in sustainable fabric production, We aRe SpinDye©, we have produced our legandary Consort jacket in a more modern and sustainable way. The second jacket in our limited edition six-jacket collection is made by a fabric dyed with 90% less chemical usage and 75% less water than traditionally produced fabrics.
#1 CONSORT ROUND THE WORLD RACEThe first of our six limited edition projects based upon the iconic Consort. For 12 months we have worked tirelessly with Manchester based influencers and retailers Oi Polloi to faithfully re-create the most successful product from our history – The Consort Round the World Race Jacket.
These pieces are destined to become collector’s items as the very first jacket produced in our European production facility under the new leadership of the re-launched Henri-Lloyd.