At Henri-Lloyd we are following our heritage for innovation by fundamentally changing the way we sell to our customers. By adopting a radical and contemporary business model that is fit for today, customers will get the benefits of being able to buy Henri-Lloyd products exclusively through our own channels.

By exclusively selling direct to our customers, we have eliminated all unnecessary additional markups, which means we can offer the same exceptional quality products at fair prices, everyday.

Essentially by selling directly to the sailing audience, we will stay true to one of our key values of “Promoting Sailing” and will be able to give back to customers by making the sport more affordable and accessible. At the same time we remain committed to only using the best materials available to deliver on our performance and sustainability goals.

Items such as the award-winning Innovation of the Year Freemantle Hooded Jacket will retail for £399 compared to a traditional RRP of £690. The iconic Consort RWR jacket, originally designed to protect explorers and pioneers against the worst of the weather, will sell for £225 instead of £375. Whilst the 100% recycled Mav HL Mid Jacket, modelled by the most successful Olympic sailor in the world, Sir Ben Ainslie, will be available for £85, instead of £135 RRP.

Chairman and main shareholder, Hans Eckerström, on evolving in the current climate, “I find it very exciting to change the way we do business to the benefit of every sailor, boat owner and user of Henri-Lloyd gear. We can now offer premium products at very attractive prices. I am sure that this is the future using the benefit of online marketing and sales to drive value to all customers”.