#5 Consort Gore- Tex Jacket

Last but not least, we introduce to you the fifth limited edition Consort jacket based on the 1965 original designed and lovingly crafted by our founder Henri Strzelecki, the Consort Gore-Tex® Jacket.

This clever take down is at first glance incredibly true to the original, but take a deeper look and you find this is a true 21st century product. We like to think that this is how Mr Henri himself would have engineered it, had he had today’s technology available to him nearly six decades ago.

Firstly we built the product from the undisputed world’s best durably waterproof and breathable shell fabric Gore-tex®, then we used laser cutting technology to create a high performance classic – clean lines and a sophisticated modern design.

Then with a nod to Mr Henri’s belief in creating product for the greatest pioneers and sailing heroes of his time - such as Sir Francis Chichester, Sir Robin Knox-Johnson, Sir Ranulph Feinnes. We designed and developed this limited edition with the greatest Olympic Sailor of all time in mind, Sir Ben Ainslie - A man who knows a lot about performance and appreciates working with the very best in his field including Gore-tex®.

At the heart of the performance laminate is the Gore-tex® membrane, which is an incredibly thin layer of PTFE. It’s fully waterproof and extremely breathable due to the nine billion microscopic pores in every square inch that allows moisture vapour (perspiration) to pass through freely to the outside.

Inside the Consort we’ve utilised a 120g quilt lining for warmth and comfort. Precision laser cut storm flap with metal studs, throat tab and pocket welts complete the design along with the traditional button on hood and vintage HL zip puller.