Mav Face Covering 3pk & Filter, Black
Made from a soft breathable cotton in our own European factory, this pack of 3 non-medical Face Coverings are reusable & machine washable at 60 degrees. For extra protection 5 non re-usable filters are included in the pack. These filters that are certified Standard 100 OEKO-Tex and are guaranteed not to release fibres that can be inhaled when worn. They are inserted into the face covering for extra protection so that particles can be filtered whilst still remaining highly breathable. The lining is made from the same soft cotton and so is comfortable against your skin. We advise that filters are changed on a regular basis and replacement packs are available for purchase. The black face cover is made in a 175g cotton and the navy a 200g cotton.
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Mav Face Covering 3pk & Filter, Black
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Factories of Henri-LLoyd
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Factories of Henri-LLoyd

HL Manufacturing

This garment was made in our Henri-Lloyd factory in Poland. Established by Mr Henri himself, our world class European Production Centre is at the heart of our brand and produces the best quality waterproof jackets for life on land and on water.