About us

Founded by Henri Strzelecki and Angus Lloyd in 1963, Henri-Lloyd design and build innovative sailing clothing to protect sailors, explorers and pioneers from the world’s most extreme weather.

Born out of a passion to create a totally new generation of protective clothing, Henri-Lloyd are proud to have worked with the world’s best athletes and have enjoyed two decades of unbroken relationship with the most successful sailor of all time, Sir Ben Ainslie, Chief Technical Officer and prominent shareholder.

Henri-Lloyd continue to push boundaries to this day, from our award-winning products to how we deal directly with our customers. By only selling direct through our own channels we have removed all unnecessary margins that inflate retail prices, which means we can offer the same exceptional quality products at fair and affordable prices permanently.

The oceans and environment have always played a part in what we do, and we are striving towards a sustainable future for the brand. We’re dedicated towards making the right decisions to lessen our impact on the world and at it’s heart is the belief in producing timeless, quality products in our own European Production Centre that last and become part of your life’s journey.