From City to Coast | The Renee Bomber

The new Renee bomber is dubbed the official ‘just-throw-it-on’ jacket. Perfect for those who are forever lazy but have too much pride to show it – enter Renee! Your new best friend. She’s easy to pair up, going with anything from your Colette dress (your favourite Monday meeting piece) for the commute into work, to a pair of jeans at the weekend.

We break down the best ways to wear the Renee jacket into 4 effortlessly cool outfits (‘effortlessly’ being the key word).

Office Wear Made Easy

Contrary to popular belief, work wear should always be comfortable. It’s important to find an outfit that isn’t restrictive whilst sat at your desk, but also makes you feel good when you walk into that last minute meeting. The Renee jacket is neat and fitted, much like a modern cut blazer – throw it over your crisp white Sade shirt and Patti cigarette trousers to create a casual power suit.

Day Time to Dinner Time

Coming in a classic navy colour, the Renee jacket is easily matched with most colours and fabrics. Swap your favourite flats for a pair of heels and neatly place over your shoulders for a chicer way to hold your jacket on a warm summer evening.


Coastal Cover Up

They say this summer will be the best yet, so hopefully we’ll be welcoming shorts come June. Regardless of whether you’re spending your summer abroad or will be taking in the rays on the south coast of England, any beach can get a little chilly in the evening. With the Renee jacket being so lightweight, you can easily roll her up and pack her in your suitcase or weekend bag – making her the necessary beach cover up when the sun goes down.

City Break

Paris, Venice, Madrid… Nothing says European chic better than a Breton print and a casual little jacket. The Renee jacket is the perfect match for a nautical inspired look, and being the famed sailing brand we are, we have a certain penchant for the blue & white stripe! For best effect, pair with the Colette dress and a pair of chic flats or throw over the Effie Stripe button down dress.


And there you have it! 4 effortlessly cool ways to wear the Renee jacket. Shop now>